Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stampin Up Birthday Card Party

I am having a Stampin Up birthday card party on August 8th from 12:30 to 5:00 and if you are interested let me know. We are going to make 10 cards and the cost is $20. I would like you to call me and let me know that you are planning on coming so that I have enough materials for everyone. If time permits I would like prepayment as well. Some of the cards that we are going to make are shown here. Some may vary with the ability to use different colors to suit your needs better. You can call me at 441-3287 or you can leave me a message here or e-mail at

Making Hair Bows

I have got to get busy making some hair bows for my niece Jillian. This is something that I told Suzy I would do like around Christmas of last year. I even have all the stuff, just need to get on it. Well this afternoon while I am home alone AGAIN (Morgan is at a friends house and Don is working) I decided that I need to get busy. Here are the results of the effort. I am going to have to practice more and get more ribbon, cause these aren't really very good. If any of you readers make these maybe you could give me some pointers.

Summer in review, so far

I think that since it has been a while since I posted that I will just do a summer so far in review. We have been keeping busy this summer, not as busy as Morgan would like, but busy enough for mom and dad who thought that summer was for slowing down.

Crocodile Dock Vacation Bible School

We started the summer with a trip to the Bayou with the First Baptist Lake Placid Vacation Bible School. This is always a time that I enjoy. If you have never been a helper for Vacation Bible School you are missing a great time. I truly enjoyed the time that I spent with the 5 Kindergarten graduates that were entrusted to me for a week. They have such personality and a whole lot of energy. We always start the day with a play type program that progresses throughout the week and concludes at the Friday evening parents night. Some of those pictures are here.

Morgan had a slumber party

Morgan was able to have some of her friends come over to play and then have a slumber party. I must tell you that 3 "tween" girls make for a really really LOUD evening. I was so happy when Don came home from work at 11 because then he was able to listen to them for a little while.

Confection Connection

I was able to go to my first Confection Connection at the church in June. This is a wonderful evening program for women where they have a speaker and coffee and desserts. The speaker in June was Renee Kole who spoke about fitness and was a great speaker. Then in July Morgan and I both went and were able to listen to Mary Rucker speak about Beauty and the fact that beauty is really measured by what is inside and not what is on the outside. I thought that this was a good message for all women even little women like Morgan.

My Birthday

Well I got to be a year older and celebrated a birthday in June. I got really nice presents and birthday wishes from my family and friends. Don and Morgan got me a Sizzix Big Shot that I have been wanting. This is a die cut machine that I can use in my stamping business. Mom and Bob gave me a plane ticket to go see Suzy and the kids. I am so excited that I will be out there in just 3 weeks. Then I will have lots to blog about!! Morgan is going with me, but that is a secret. (I can share that here cause she doesn't read this). I think that she will have a good time in Texas and will enjoy seeing the kids and Suzy and Rick. Sorry Rick, I guess you are an afterthought.

Planning Vacation

We have changed our vacation plans a couple of times in the last few weeks. I have made and cancelled so many hotel reservations that Don says I am going to be on a watch list soon. I don't care. We have finally decided that we are going to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach and we are going to go shopping at Sawgrass Mall (I love that mall) and then go to the beach and go deep sea fishing. I hope that we have great weather and a good time. Also hoping to find some other school clothes for the picky and hard to buy for child. I feel that in a mall as big as Sawgrass we should have some pretty good luck. I will tell you more about that later.