Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am a floutist. I'm sorry but my mother is working at midnight so I am sick and alone. Hhhh.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Home football game tomorrow night. Cool! I(Morgan) happen to play the flute in the band. If you can, come and root for the home team. Maybe, with a WHOLE BUNCH of luck, we could win. Keep your fingers crossed. And remember, once a dragon, always a dragon. You can't go back now. And neither can I. I hold out for your support.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Costume Countdown

It's me!!( Morgan )Hi!! Today it's gonna be totally random. Random photos, listen to random music, and randomly look at Halloween costumes. Still looking for a costume for Halloween. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment and possibly a picture. I need help.

Costume countdown:

19 days

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Please when you are reading posts that my child posts, be lenient on the spelling. I see errors in her post already.


This weekend is homecoming in Lake Placid. We went to the game last night and before the game we were invited to a family tailgating BBQ. Fred and Uncle Monte made the plans and everyone brought food. We had a wonderful time, I felt like it was when we were kids. I think that maybe things are coming around for the Delaney's (at least those who want to). We had a good time visiting, and the kids had fun playing. Thanks to those who have made the effort to do things together.


Well Mo tells you that she is going to keep the blog up now, but I thought I better tie up the loose ends from the last year.

We were very pleased in the first part of the year for my sister and her children to move back to Florida. They are staying in Deltona with Rick's parents and they came first while Rick was waiting for a job transfer. She and the kids spent lots of weekends in Lake Placid visiting and making up for lost time. Oh how I missed her when she was in Texas. Even though she is not in the same town, I know that if need be I could be with her in no time flat now. I love you Suey and I am glad you are back.

Mo took the FCAT at school again; this year it was a math and reading only year. We had to wait until the middle of June to get the results, but she got both 5 on the test, for those who don't know that is a perfect score. We are so proud of her.

To celebrate Mo's FCAT score we took her to Downtown Disney to the movie theater to watch the Twilight movie Eclipse. She was awed to see movie in that awesome theater.

During the summer we were able to play on the lake with Dad's seadoo and had a really enjoyable time.

Mo stated 7th grade this year and is still in the band. On Tuesday of this week she played for the first home football game. The band sounded so good. We went to a high school game last night and we thought the middle school sounded better than the high school. Mo is being allowed to play with the 8th grade students because she is good and she follows directions. Only a few of the 7th graders go to do this, as I understand.

Lastly, we are getting a into the fall season and it's holidays around here. We are looking forward to the family reunion next weekend and then it will quickly be Halloween, Mo's 13th (oh, no) birthday, and then Thanksgiving and Christmas. It seems that once they start they are all so quick to come.


Hola! She's back and better than ever. For the first time in forever, I am totally pumped for Halloween. If I "sound" different, It's 'cause my daughter is typing for me. This Halloween is gonna be AWESOME!!!!!!! I've been out for a while because I have no imagination or young kids. So, my "little" girl is gonna partially think for me for a while. Hope you like it from now on!