Monday, May 28, 2012


Morgan is now a JV cheerleader for LPHS. We are excited for her and know that she will have a great time. Aunt Suzy was a cheerleader when we were in high school and she was really excited. Don and I went to LPHS as well (so did Aunt Suzy and Grandpa Mat and all dads brothers and sisters), so that made it cool for us old people. Morgan has been going to practice a ton and we are anxiously awaiting the spring football game so that we can see her cheer for the first time.

What have we been doing???? That is what everyone wants to know

We have been very busy lately working with a group of people from church getting a youth ministry started. STR8 UP youth ministry is opening this week !!! YEAH!!! One of our friends had a vision of a youth house in Lake Placid that is a safe place for teens to go work on school stuff, learn about God and play. Don, mom and myself have joined 4 others on the Board of Directors for this ministry and we have been busy planning the ways that they youth house will operate and also planning an amazing open house. The open house will be on June 1st from 6 to 9 pm. We are using the old Foster Paint building on South Main Street and hope that if you are not busy on Friday night you will stop by. Don is cooking hot dogs and burgers, I am making a ton of cupcakes, ladies from the community are making cupcakes and we will have drinks. We are also having a silent auction that has some awesome items up for grabs.

Starting over

Well..... it has been a really long time, but I am going to give this another try. We have been super busy lately and therfore I will have a bunch of posts in the next few days. Please enjoy and check back again. Also if you comment please keep it nice and clean or I will deleate it and you.