Friday, June 5, 2009

Last Day of School

Yesterday was the last day of school. This was a good thing to Morgan. To me this was a bitter sweet day as this was also her last day of Elementary School. I had a tear in my eye when we picked her up today knowing this was the last time we would get her from that particular school. We have really enjoyed Morgan being at Lake Country the last 6 years. Everyone there is so nice, and they put up with me very well. We are not zoned to go to this school, but it was the school that we preferred so that is where she went, although that meant that we had to take her and pick her up every day. No buses when you go out of area, bu this was definitely worth every trip.
Morgan was glad to go, and is looking forward to Middle School. I am still reminiscing about the first day of school for her at Grace Academy in Sebring (where she went for Pre K and a few months of K). She was excited to go to school, but she was worried about how Grandma and Grandpa Lane were going to do with her gone. Grandma and Grandpa Lane kept her when she was little and they to were a little upset about her going to school, as they had become a bit attached to her. They all did fine, and Morgan was very close to her Great Grandparents because of this time she spent with them. It wasn't long before we went from 3 days a week to a full 5 days a week, and the grandparents still did fine.
I am sure that we will be posting shortly about all the excitement of middle school, so please say a prayer for patience for Don and I. :)

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