Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

I would like to thank all of the people who helped with the Easter Egg Hunt. All the donations were put to good use and all the helpers at the field were all put to work. Thank you all for your support over the years, and thanks to those who brought the kids, without you there would be no need for the Easter Egg Hunt.

These are the wonderful people from the Fraternal Order of Police in Highlands County. They donated all of the items for the "Baby Field". I do hope that they will be there to help next year. A special thank you to Mom and Bob for taking the lead and running with it. I think that the kids go lots of things and the parents were happy to have no candy on the field.

Bob played the Bagpipes while the kids were coming into the ball fields. It made for a very festive atmosphere. Most of the pictures here are courtesy of Morgan as I was to busy to play photographer. She is getting pretty good with the camera.

This is one of the ladies that I work with Dorothy with her grandkids Caleb and Emily. I think that they had a good time at the egg hunt. Hopefully they will come again next year.
Friends from Church Megan and her son Jordan. I enjoyed seeing them as it has been a while.

I think that this was my favorite field. For the first time ever we have included a field for the "Miracle League" athletes. These athletes are people who have a developmental disability. As most of you know the "Baby Field" has always been my favorite (except for rude parents), but this field and it's participants was amazing. I am not sure that I can put into words on here the way that it made me feel to see these people having fun and "finding" these eggs.

Junior Miss Lake Placid Cassie Canevari with one of the athletes. She was at the egg hunt the entire time and seemed to have a good time.

This little girl cracked me up. She didn't have a basket so she had her grandmother holding her eggs. When she ran out of room in her hands the little girl started shoving them down in her grandmothers shirt (that's why it is so puffy). She was really a cute kid.
Lastly Mom and Morgan after the egg hunt was over. In the background are Jeannie Fortier, current President of the Lake Placid Merchants Association and Robert Brown, incoming President of the LPMA (they are to official sponsors of the egg hunt now that they Delaney family has passed on out hats). I think that everyone had a good time, but I also think we are always glad when it is over. Now to plan ahead for next year.

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