Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cypress Gardens during Spring Break

We had the opportunity to use our season passes to Cypress Gardens now that they have re-opened. We were able to get there one day during Spring Break. While it is not as beautiful as it was when I was younger and it is not quite like in my memory, but it was still a very nice trip. While we were there the water park was open, but we did not go as it was looking like rain and Don said we should just swim at Grandma and Papa's house. We had a good time walking around the gardens part though. We saw these pretty Belle's while we were there. Morgan would not get her picture taken with them, but Don did. The statues are the Saints. One is the Patron Saint of Flowers and the other is the Patron Saint of Birds (at least that is what the sign said. Morgan was picking some of the leaves off of the flowers for her latest collection. She mostly picked the ones that were loose in the flower beds, but a few she actually picked.

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