Friday, May 15, 2009

Money Saving Tips

I was shopping today and the cashier asked me where I went on the internet to get the good coupons that I had, so I told her about the website that I go to and my friend Robyn was behind me and I shared the site with her as well. Robyn said I should put the link on here, So here you go Robyn. Southernsavers is the site. At the top you will find that they have information for various stores. I use the buttons for Publix and Walgreens regularly. Occasionally I will check the CVS site, but I really don't like the CVS here, so I don't shop there much. Also be warned that if you live in Florida you need to know a few things about this site that does not apply to us. If you see on the Publix area that they have a BOGO (buy one get one free) item, in some states (where the lady who owns this site lives) you only have to buy one and you get it for half price, this is not the case here, you need to buy 2 items. Also if the item is BOGO, Publix will allow you to use 2 coupons for the items, as you are "buying" two of the items. If you click on the printable button beside one of the deals, the sites will allow you to print 2 of the coupons only. As I mostly shop at Publix I have become pretty good at getting the deals, so if you have any questions, just ask and I will try to help you. Also on the site they will sometimes put that with the sale and a coupon an item will be free and you will not be able to figure out how that can be, remember that in the area where this lady is from they do double coupons, also not done here (I have been told that no place in Florida is double coupon due to a Florida law, not sure if that is true).

Last week Don and I went shopping and we spent 160.93 and we saved 90.57, so this can help with the family budget. I will tell you that I am a bit obsessive about this. Ask Morgan and she will tell you just how cheap her mom is. Today the grand total was 27.08 spent and 28.21 saved.

There are items that I will not buy unless they are on sale AND I have a coupon for them. Cereal is one of these items. We always have cereal in our house and it may not be everyones favorite, but they are all decent ones. Last week Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks were buy one get one free and I had good coupons, used 2 of them and got both boxes of cereal for .29 cents. Good deal for 3.29 boxes of cereal. This is one area that I think the price is just to high to buy without a deal.

Above is a picture of the box that I use to keep my coupons. Now you know that this is a bit obsessive.

Happy Saving


  1. Thanks for sharing so quickly...I'm inspired and off to the site now! rhv

  2. You did great. I hope that you'll stop by and check out my savings.

  3. Great savings!! I like that coupon binder--I bet it will get bigger every month ;-)

  4. Kathy,
    Not sure if you will check this before tomorrow (I think it is to late to call--was away from your # day) but Paul said that Joanie Ross is coordinating the reception. They will be setting up, etc. during the second service. I am sure extra hands would be greatly appreciated. I will tell Joanie tomorrow that you will be available to assist!