Monday, September 14, 2009

First real bus ride

I know that most people get that nervous yet excited feeling about their child riding the bus for the first time around kindergarten or first grade, but since Morgan never went to the school she was assigned we were responsible for providing transportation, so needless to say Morgan got to ride the bus home from school for the first time last week. Friday Don and I were both going to be home way before school got out and had lots of things to do, so we had Mo ride the bus home. She was upset in the morning when we told her, she even cried and I wanted to just go get her, but one of the ladies that I work with (Dorothy) told me I had to make her do it or she never would. Dorothy was right and when I picked Morgan up from the bus stop she was fine and even smiling. I took Bandit with me and he started howling at her when she got off the bus, he spotted her quick.

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