Saturday, November 28, 2009

Morgan's Birthday

Let me start by saying that going into this birthday Mo was really mad at Don and I because we would not let her have a sleepover on the night of her birthday and we wouldn't tell her why. It was a secret. But now she is very happy with the events. We decided to have a breakfast birthday party for her because Don is working in the evenings and would be at work if it was later. But the best part was that Suzy and family were going to still be in town for the party and that was way more important in my opinion than having a sleepover that could happen a week or two later. Morgan was very happy with that. She was surprised even the day before, and I thought that she would have figured it out by then. Well everyone had a good time, and the food was really good. Jillian had a good time playing with the puppies, with the help of Don, but Jake did not care much for them. He at one point was laying in front of Bandit's cage watching him, but when Bandit came out Jake made a run for it.

Happy late birthday baby. She is 12 now so not much of a baby, but still my baby!

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