Saturday, November 28, 2009

Visit from Suzy and family

We were blessed last week to get a visit from Suzy, Rick and the kids. I know that I really enjoyed spending time with them. Those kids are growing so fast. Don was particularly excited to see them as he has not seen them since last Christmas. Morgan and I were lucky to be able to go over the summer and therefore we have seen them. We saw them on Sunday after church at Grandma and Papa's house in Winter Haven and had a great visit with most of the family present including Dad and his girlfriend Cindy. I am glad that everyone felt welcome there. It was no time at all until both Jillian and Jacob has warmed up to everyone. If you will remember when Morgan and I were in Texas Jillian had decided that she did not like Uncle Don, but when she was here she decided that she liked him just fine. It warmed my heart when someone would get her and she would yell "Help me Uncle Don", and don't you know he was there in a flash to help her. It was a great visit.
Later in the week we were able to go to Tampa to see Suzy in the evening for dinner at Olive Garden and had a really nice visit. Mom, Dad, Morgan and I were on that trip.
Then on Friday night Suzy, Rick and the kids were in Lake Placid at Mom's house for a spaghetti dinner, complete with apple crisp (like in school Suzy said). It was really good.

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