Monday, August 17, 2009

Dallas Day 4/ Ft. Worth

On Saturday we went to Ft. Worth to the stockade and saw the cattle drive. This was neat. The horns on those cows is amazing.

When we were walking up they had these stars on the sidewalk of famous people and animals with relation to cowboys and the cowboy way of life. They had lots of them, but the only pictures I took were of "Tonto" and the "Lone Ranger". These were like the Hollywood stars. Kinda cool.
Then we waited on the cattle drive to start. Jillian got an up high seat on her daddy's shoulders. She got up there and promptly removed his hat.

This cow has his horns turned down, we don't know why though.
From where we were watching the cattle drive there was this old car with horns on the front. It was neat. They kids had their picture taken on the horns. I am not sure they were supposed to be climbing up there, but nobody said anything.

After the cattle drive we went to the shops and in the middle of the walkway they were having am old fashioned shoot out. We didn't stop to see that. But after it was over we got a picture of Morgan and Jillian with the shooters. Jillian was scared of them (I don't blame her).
While we were walking Jillian kept asking to go on the horses. These were the only horses that we were able to find for her to ride.

While we were eating lunch we saw this guy making balloon animals. Jillian wanted one so after lunch we went to where he was. Jillian got a balloon hat. She really liked it. Later when we were at the JFK site she wanted to wear the hat again.

We saw a guy ridding on his cow with the huge horns. He was letting people get up on him. Morgan at first only wanted to hold the horns, but we were able to get her up on the cow. Jillian even got to touch the horns. The cow is named Jake. She thought that was funny.

They had an old jail that all the kids went in. That was pretty neat.

After we left Ft. Worth we went to the JFK shooting site. That was pretty cool to see, although I will admit there is so much there that I don't even know about. The grassy knoll is really a very small area, I thought it would be much bigger. Also there are people everywhere trying to sell you stuff. Suzy and I stood on the x in the road and Morgan and Rick stood there. The other x is the one that they say is the fatal shot.

Later in the evening Morgan, Jillian, Suzy and I went out for a "girls dinner" and to deep Jillian entertained while we were waiting for food I put the menu on my head like a hat, then Jillian had to do the same thing.

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