Monday, August 17, 2009

Misc. Dallas Stuff

Morgan and I at the Stockyard, we were waiting on the cattle drive to start.
Morgan found this mask in the kids toy box. Very scary.
Jillian was cooling off in the car, wearing her new balloon hat.
Jillian got some elastic bracelets when we were shopping. She really liked them. She wore them everywhere. She also got a necklace with a dog on it. Unfortunately we left them at the restaurant in Ft. Worth.
You surely know that we are a George Bush lovin family, so we had to get these pictures. This turnpike runs very near to Suzy and Rick's house.

Jillian wanted to have a tea party and she invited everyone but me. She can be a brat. I took the pictures though. I know that she loves me.
Bob is a big Fuddrucker's fan, so we got a picture so that he would know we were thinking of him.We had a wonderful time in Dallas with Suzy and her family. When Suzy and Jillian took us to the airport she wouldn't give us a hug or kiss, because she said that she was sad that we were leaving. It made me cry. Then after we started walking away she started yelling that she loved us. I love her so much. I told Morgan at the airport that I didn't know it was possible to love someone else's kids as much as I love that little munchkin.

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