Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 3 Water Park and Mall Play area

This is a water park in a neighborhood near where Suzy lives. They charge based on where you live. If you live in the town it is $2 per person, and if you live out of town it is $6. Since Suzy lives out of town it was $6 each, but the kids were free. This was a really neat park. I am going to propose this type of thing to Placid Lakes. The kids like to go down the water slide in the kiddie area.
Jillian is giving Jake his snack at the water park. She likes to help him.
After we got done we went home for naps and lunch. Then we went to the mall to finish shopping and let the kids play. This play area is like a breakfast table with a plate of eggs and steak, a piece of toast and jelly and a grapefruit half. The kids like to come here to play.
When we got home Morgan was playing on the floor with Jacob and they were playing with the Clippo blocks. When Jillian makes something with these blocks she calls it a "Birthday party". Morgan is showing off her "Birthday Party".
When we came home for the evening Suzy, Morgan and Jillian made a rainbow cake. This was really neat. I see a rainbow cake in the future for us.

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