Monday, August 17, 2009

Dallas !!!!

Morgan and I were able to get to Dallas last week for a visit with my sister Suzy and her family. I went to see everyone but I think Morgan was most interested in the kiddos'. Suzy and Jillian came to the airport to pick us up. Jillian said she "caught" us there. This is a picture of Jillian when Suzy had just got to the airport. She didn't really know what to think of us. The last time we saw her was at Christmas last year and I think she forgot us :(We then went to grab some lunch and take Suzy back to work, then we had Jillian for the afternoon. We took her home for a nap, which was much needed after being left with strangers and momma deserting her. She woke up and decided that Morgan and I were just fine. We had already planned to take her to Build A Bear Workshop, and we wanted to do it without her parents, so that she would remember Morgan and I when she saw the bear. We had a really good time. She got to name the bear, which she named "Pickle Bear".

She is giving the heart a kiss before it is placed in the bear.
Jillian is standing on the peddle that fills the bear with the fluff.

Morgan and Jillian are bathing the bear.

Morgan and Jillian are getting the bear dressed.

After we got done with making the bear Jillian wanted to play on the play area at the mall. The play area looked like it was made with ceramic slides and stuff, but they are all made of foam. It was really very neat. All of the malls have them.

When Jillian was on this train she would sit on the front and say "Choo, Choo, Choo". I thought that was really cute.

When we got home from the mall Rick and Suzy came home and we got to see Jake. Suzy and Rick have a life group at church that was having their weekly get together at the local Going Bonkers. This is a big room that has a maze thing in it. Jillian was really excited about going to Bonkers. Morgan and Jillian went in first and then Suzy joined them. I think all the kids had a good time. I sat and visited with Suzy's friends who knew that we were going to be there.

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