Friday, June 1, 2012


When we were planning the trip to North Carolina for Christina's wedding I was looking on the Internet for things to do in the area, cause I don't like to spend lots of time in the sun. I found a state owned aquarium that was about 30 min away and thought it would be fun. I know that Don and Morgan love fish and would really enjoy the aquarium. Mom and Bob decided that they would go with us. We had a wonderful time.
At the entrance to the Aquarium they had a big stuffed gator. Don thought this was a good idea.
This may be the bigges tbull frog I have ever seen. I thought it was kinda neat though. They had an area at the aquarium that was all freshwater things. They had alligators, snakes, frogs and freshwater fish and then you went inside and they had all the saltwater things. In the freshwater stuff they had an albino alligator. I went to take pictures of it and there was a worker standing nearby and he wanted to talk about the gator. I told him we were from Florida and he was amazed, that was where they got the gator from. I told him we have a local guy who just hatched a baby albino and he was amazed. Then he said that he knew the family.
I thought that these horseshoe crabs were fighting, but that is not really what they were doing.Maybe the aquarium will have baby horseshoe crabs in the future.
My favorite thing at any aquarium is jellyfish. They elude me. I want to take gorgeous pictures of them, and for some reason that rarely works. I have a fancy new camera and have been wanting to play with some of the features it has, so I used the jellyfish to do some practice. Some of the pictures were good, some were not so good.
I personally think this picture turned out really good.
This is the mouth of a prehistoric shark called a meglodon. You can tell that it would have been a BIG eater.We were trying to look like we were scared.
A cool looking clam.
At the end of the outside area there was this big plastic frog. Morgan kept telling us she wanted to ride the turtle. We think she may have her animals confused. She got on the frog and then started sliding off so Mom had to help hold her on. I thought this showed just how goofy they are.

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