Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cheerleading camp

Morgan spent part of the week at Cheerleading Camp which was held at the High School. I was hoping that during this camp since the coach would not be coaching (cheerleaders from Univeral Cheerleading Association were the coaches) the girls and boys would be able to have some better bonding time and not be quite as "clickish" as they have been. The last day of the camp the kids had a presentation that they did for the parents. It was really neat to see what they had learned in just a few days. Morgan came home everyday telling me what a good time she had and that she felt like she was learning. She has come a long way in this adventure.

The kids all performed a cheer together with both JV and Varsity.


Then JV got to perform by themselves and show a cheer and a dance.

One of the JV groups performing a stunt. Morgan is on the right side and Belkis is the one going up.

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