Saturday, June 16, 2012

STR 8 UP open house

The grand opening of STR8 UP youth house was a huge success. There were literally tons of people there. The weather was not so nice and we had the program portion of the evening in the youth house. Dinner was cooked by Don and he got soaked doing it. We had some tents set up for people to go under to eat, but the inside of the building was always full of people.
The board of directors at the grand opening.

Kids hanging out inside the building out of the rain.

Local Law Enforcement showing support for the new youth house. We hope that the local officers will come and spend some time with the kids, my personal hope it that kids will see officers in a positive light and not only associate them with doing bad.

The kids were playing in the rain. The boys were playing football in the mud and the girls were sitting here watching them.

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