Friday, June 1, 2012

Christina's wedding

 Early in May we took a huge family trip to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina to witness the wedding of one of my cousins Christina and her fiancee Jason. We had a great time. With the exception of Aunt Mary's husband Steve, the entire Putney family was in attendance at the wedding. That has not happened in a long time. We drove up with Mom, Bob, Don, Morgan, Aunt Mary, Grandma, Papa and myself. We took two cars and had a caravan going. It was fun, but what a LOOOOOOONG trip. The weather at the beach was beautiful. The bride was beautiful, of course. When you are looking at these pictures and you are thinking wow those are some beutiful ladies, I would agree. I must say that Don, Bob and Rick were all there, but for the most part eleuded the camera, so only one picture of Bob and none of Rick or Don. Also although Christina was beautiful and I have tons of printed pictures they are not on the computer, so no pictures of the bride. Sorry.
Mom, Suzy and I all dressed up. Dad said he alway thinks that Suzy and I look like him but that mom claims we look like her. I think this picture clears that up, don't you.
Mom and Morgan before the wedding. I think they look beautiful. Mom and I did Morgan's hair and I think that it turned out awesome.
I LOVE this picture. I think it looks like one that you would find in a picture frame that you are buying at a store.

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