Saturday, June 16, 2012


The Spring football game was lots of fun, but oh my it was HOT. The game was in Avon Park, and it really stunk at the field (I think they had fertilized recently in the area). The football players played one quarter against Avon Park and then another quarter against Sebring. Although they lost the game, I thought that they boys played a good game.

Morgan and the other cheerleaders did a great job. For this game the JV and the Varsity cheered together. Normally the JV will cheer for the JV games so there will be only a few girls.

Please enjoy the pictures of both the game and the cheerleaders (most of the cheerleader photos have Morgan only as she is the one I birthed and care the most about, know what I mean). The football photos are of various boys as we have no vested interest and I couldn't really tell you who most of the kids are.

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