Saturday, June 16, 2012

Farm life

We went to a party for Memorial Day at the home of Don's cousin Dusty. She lives next door to Aunt Rosa Lee. Morgan loves to go to Rosa Lee's house becuase she has cows and other farm animals. When we go there Levi told us that there was a baby cow. We wanted to make sure that Morgan saw the cow, it was a couple of weeks old. We fed the mamma corn husks and go to look at the calf. Then Rosa Lee told Morgan that she had a 3 day old calf that had been abandoned by its mom and it is bottle fed. Morgan really wanted to see it. Rosa Lee let Morgan have a chance to feed the calf. It was harder than she thought it was going to be, but I think she thought it was neat. When they were done with the bottle the calf was still hungry and it started chewing on the back of Morgan's leg. I thought it was pretty funny (it didn't hurt her, just suprised her).

When we were walking back to the house Rosa Lee discovered that the rain storm from earlier had upended her pin with baby ducks. So Morgan, Amber, Don and Justin went to find the baby ducks. Morgan got one and then wanted to keep it. We are going back next weekend for Levi's birthday so she will get to see the duck agian, cause it is not coming home.

While we were on the duck hunt we were right next to the chickens and other small animals. Rosa Lee has a male and female turkey, 2 female peacocks, some doves that got in the pen, lots of chickens and some adult ducks. The turkey is pretty friendly and can come out of the cage and walk around the people and not walk off. He will even let you pet him. Morgan and Amber were petting the turkey and he was puffing up and showing his tail feathers, it was funny.

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