Friday, March 20, 2009

Molly's Treats

Today was the much anticipated Grand Opening of a new store in town. Molly's Treats is a cupcake store in Lake Placid. It is located on South Main Ave across the street (sorta) from the Journal and we have been watching them get ready to open. Well Morgan and I went there today and got the dessert for after dinner then we went to Beef's to meet Mom and Bob for dinner. The cupcakes were really good. Bob had Key Lime Pie, Morgan had Orange Slice, Mom had Chocolate with Buttercream frosting, and I had plain Yellow cake with Buttercream frosting. It was real nice that everyone had something different and everyone enjoyed them. We will go back I am sure. I wish any new business in town the best and we normally try to support a local business. Plus the family that owns the store sits in front of us at church, so we must support them.

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