Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break

Well I keep reading on all of my friends blogs about what they are doing on Spring Break so I thought I would tell you what we (I) am doing.

On Friday Morgan went to Don's mom and Dad's house after school (she goes every other Friday). Well she called me when I was getting ready to come home from work and told me she wanted to spend the night. Her words were that because Don and I both had a cold we were "infected" and she didn't want it. Well we let her stay, probably a good thing as Don came home from work and ended up in the ER for some antibiotics. He is fine now by the way.

Saturday I get a call at work telling me that Morgan and Linda (my mother-in-law) are in Sebring at her mother's house getting Brad (brother-in-law) to work on her car. Well I get there to get Mo and there are 4 girls begging for her to stay the night. Grandma Lane then starts asking if she can stay the night. She want Mo to go to church on Sunday so she can sing for them as they have no choir.

Sunday I call Mo to see how things are and to find out what time to come get her. She says grandma said I could stay all week how about that. I remind her that we have some plans later in the week and she said she would come home later in the week. She said she would call when she was ready to come home.

Monday I call to check on her and she tells me that she is busy and cant talk and HANGS UP ON ME. I spend the afternoon and evening stamping and such. My house and dogs and I are all covered in glitter even still. You will understand when you get your Easter cards and you are all covered in glitter. But how I love glitter!

Tuesday (today) I call her and see how she is and if she is ready to come home. I ask for her and wait like forever for her to come to the phone and when she does she say "What do you need mom?" I tell her that I am checking on her and what is she doing and is she ready to come home. She said well we are playing basketball and you interrupted. We took a time out so I could talk to you. I asked if she was ready to come home to which she replied "I didn't call you did I".

To think she is only 11. Grandpa Bob said she is getting to big for her britches. I guess she better call tomorrow because she IS coming home tomorrow to get ready for the plans we have.

Hope you all have a good spring break.

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  1. Nooni is the same way. He never wants to come home and even stays school nights with his grandparents often. While it is nice to get a "break" sometimes, it almost breaks your heart and makes you feel un-needed when they refuse to come home. That is funny though. The way I look at it, we are blessed to have great family and the kids know they are greatly loved!